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Unimaize was founded by three students from the Stockholm School of Economics who recognized the vast amount of untapped capacity in the top-performing students of the top-ranked universities in the Nordics – undervalued students with undervalued capabilities eager to deliver real solutions for real companies.

At the same time, every year in Sweden alone, around 500 companies successfully close a venture capital backed seed-round. These 500 companies, along with thousands of others are growing fast and are in urgent need of a helping hand but seldom afford the luxury of bringing in professional consultants from the more established firms. Luckily, the majority of the problems facing growth companies are not highly complex ones requiring established firms with decades of case-specific experience.

Instead, the vast majority of these tasks are relatively unambiguous ones yet unfortunately very time-consuming for someone who has never done it before. These are tasks like performing a market research, building a website or creating a pitch-deck for the next fundraising process, tasks that Unimaize specializes in.

Unimaize is a modern and growing Nordic consulting group for young and growing Nordic companies.



The Unimaize team provides with a broad set of tools and experiences. The team has worked in everything from AI-software start-ups to investment banking, from venture capital investments to management consulting – all equally relevant past experiences that allow us to offer the services we offer today.

We are genuinely committed to our clients with an exceptional team working hard and diligently, all to ensure the best tailored solution for your company.

Do not hesitate to contact any of our full-time working partners, or email info@unimaize.com to learn more.


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